Lye Soap Alchemy

$ 8.00 USD

Ingredients: Lye (sodium hydroxide), Water, Canola/Castor/Coconut/Grapeseed/Olive Oils, Mango/Shea Butters, ground cinnamon and clove, activated charcoal, Clove/Cinnamon/Rosemary/Orange EOs We only craft small batch soap recipes, because we pack so much goodness in each bar! This homemade soap may help to detox and heal the skin! It is based upon a 15th century remedy known as Thieves. Our soap has been properly saponified before sale. Note: To help your handmade soap last a little longer, we recommend that you place your soap on a draining soap dish. Your handmade soap will dissolve fairly quickly if left in a puddle of water because it's made with only butters and oils, and no added preservatives.

Every bar may slightly differ because it is uniquely hand-made and hand cut.