Raw Honey 6.5 net wt oz

$ 7.50 USD

100% Raw SPRING/SUMMER Honey 6.5 net wt oz Sacred Nature Apiary offers only real Raw Honey in small batches, which means our honey contains all of the nutrients, pollen, enzymes, etc. you should expect. All of our bees are located in Stark County, OH. What is Raw Honey? Raw honey is basically unheated, unprocessed and unfiltered, with no mixing or blending, just straight from our beehives. All honey is liquid once extracted from the hive. Because some floral varietals of honey tend to granulate and appear sugary over time, some honey companies process/heat and stabilize their honey to stop crystallization and keep their honey in clear desirable form on the shelves, other wise known as pasteurization. All Raw honey will crystallize, some in weeks or maybe a few months. Crystallization ensures a pure product. If your honey crystalizes, simply place it in warm water until it liquifies. It is Highly recommended that you never microwave or refrigerate your Raw Honey.

*** Please do not feed children under 1 year Raw Honey. I am told to tell you this, it is not my personal statement. Please also consult your Dr if you have allergies to bees, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.